Friday, March 28, 2008


As you might know, I work on a construction site, no, I'm not a welder or carpenter, (I don't wanna waste my nails) just a secretary and even there there is a level of fashion.
The hottest safety-shoes you can have right now are Red Wings. (male talk!!)
And it might be a bit of a disappointment, I don't walk around on high heels as you may expect from a secretary, but I wear safety-shoes too.
So Alec, a dear friend of me, has been bugging me for over a year now to make boots for men, so I gave in....finally.
I haven't released them yet, I'll do that asap, but here is a teaser..:P

Courage & Rebirth RFL - coLLisions

Guen has made another tattoo, this time it's a RFL item, and I know RFL means a lot for Guen as she lost her mother to cancer 20 years ago.This set was made with a lot of heart, to be sure. This limited edition set features the Kanji symbols for Courage on the wrists as a Glove Layer... and a bright Koi Fish on the back in Undershirt, Shirt, and Jacket Layers. The Koi Fish as a tattoo often represents a great change in someone's life... and dealing with such a harsh disease as Cancer is certainly life changing.
All money will go to the Relay for Life Foundation.
It is available in the mainstore at the second floor.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nyte'n'Day - Lupus

Sometimes I just like to windowshop in SL, and I have some stores I just wanna check out, one of them is Nyte'n'Day (good quality clothes for a nice price) I like to go there on regular bases, to see what is new there.
It's a very nice store, with friendly Customer Service Reps.
And...then I saw this, retro kinda like dress, cuteeeee!!!

I just needed to decide what colour to buy, till I saw this purple one, Lupus and all proceeds go to Lupus Canada! I didn't have a clue what Lupus is, so I googled for it and started to read Nyte's blog.
From what I've learned so far about Lupus is that there is no cure, just medications to slow down or stop the disease, but it sounds like it's hard to live with this.(forgive me if I'm wrong)
It sounds like MS to me, and I know MS is a terrible disease, a friend of me suffers MS, and her condition is slowly getting worse and worse.

I noticed Nyte has a lot of items for Lupus, it is worth to check them out!
And with all the attention going on for RFL, I thought Lupus deserves some attention too.

Windlight! Showing Nyte'n'day's Retro dress.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Green Bracelet - coLLisions

Guen has made her first piece of jewelry (read Guens blog).
This was meant to be a St. Patty's freebie, but's a dollarbee and available at the second floor of the mainstore.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

5 Elements - coLLisions

Guen has been busy making another Tat....:))
These are Kanji for the 5 elements (including spirit) that run down your back. The tat is Unisex and priced at $150L in 3 layers.
It's available at the second floor of the mainstore.