Monday, December 15, 2008

The woman of Sanctuary Rock

The women of Sanctuary Rock...made me cry!
First, last thursday Mirari was DJing an event when she received a phone call that her father passed away.....Mir, all in tears, dedicated a few songs to her father, told us her father tought her "the show must go on" as he was a DJ as well.

Then Daisy's goodbye to Sanctuary last Friday night, I think this wasn't as easy as she thought it would be.
As Daisy announced her last song as owner of Sanctuary, and she started to cry, now you must know that she owned Sanctuary for 2 years, and it's not a small thing to say goodbye to a club as Sanctuary Rock.
One good thing is that Mirari will own and run this club. Daisy couldnt have found a better owner!
Daisy, all the best in all you decide to do now and Mircat, glad it's you who will be mah boss now, and good luck!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Skin sale @ Ashia

2 days ago I received a groupsnotice that Ashia has a closing sale, I regret it, cuz she makes good skins, especially fantasy skins.

Showing the *AD* Timeless Fantasy-Drow, and I have to say, I adore the face on this skin, the eyes, the lips.
You gotta check out the store, as the skins are only 100$l, it's worth it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

ZOMG! Sale @ ETD and Celestial

Poor Mia, she ran out of all her money, and it's all mah fault!
Dragged the poor gurl to Celestial for the (skin) sale there (I seriously think she bought them ALL)

Then we went to ETD, not only hair is for sale there, shoes, boots and clothes are too!

It's hard to decide, there are too many colours to pick!

Decisions, decisions....why is Second Life so darn hard on us!

And you know what, we didnt even make it to the hair section!! (well I did earlier..sshhhh)

Anyways, I ended up with the Vogue Skin, Ether/Void

Boots; ETD Buckle Boots in Black

Hair; ETD Charley

So, rub a bank, bribe your hubby, steal the money and run for this sale, it's ZOMG!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ok, I admit it, I'm an addict, a hairaddict!
I found this hairdo at Sky Everett Designs and I am so totally in love with it! It's named the Quiet Seduction.
(one advice, go shopping when ya feel bad)

The store also has some great long hairstyles for men! (winks @ Dev)

The skin is from MMSkins, it's the free MoscowLight halloween gift, and it's the first time that I REALLY like a MMskin on my avie, I have tried so many demo's......sighs, I wanted a MMskin so bad! It's a great gift..:)

Anyway, see ya at mah new hair thing! Or not.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween at Sanctuary Rock

Sanctuary Rock is THE club where you should be when you're looking for halloween events; The Halloween, Vamp-it, Blood-bath, Masquerade, and Horror-movie events are just some examples.

The cathedral is done by Loki Ball (fluid creations)

Sanctuary is a -hard- rock club which offers the best live DJ's, friendly hosts and dancers, if you have any dedications or request, you just IM the DJ and they will be happy to play your -rock- request.
Daisy Beauchamp (the owner of Sanctuary Rock) has changed the club especially for halloween, I seriously wish it could be Halloween/October all year, the club looks spectaculair! October is not only mah favorite month of the year, but I was born (RL) on halloween night too, Nov. 1st, 13 minutes past midnight (creepy ain't it).

The spiders here are harmless, but it seems to scare the shit outta Joppem Tulip.
And yes, these are crabs, they're like family, approach with respect!
And the dancefloor, oh my, its the best I have seen, Imp Trollop (ImpWerks) is not only a great designer, but she takes the credits for this floor. Thumbs up Imp!
One of the DJ's, Imdy Paine, always takes care of the graveyard shift (second from the left).
Sanctuary is a very well oiled machine in charge of the owner/DJ Daisy Beauchamp, the GM/DJ Mirari Cheney, host manager m0xi Caldwell, dancer manager Nawti Goodnight and DJ manager Locke Flanagan.
All I can say is, see you at Sanctuary, it's worth it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Intwine - Happy

Well, mah friends all know I'm an INTWINE fan, it's a great rockband from the Netherlands.
So yesterday a friend got me a YouTube thing, and I haven't stopped watching the song "happy" since, it's been mah all time favorite for years now..;)


isnt it strange that the stars dont shine no more now since youre gone

isnt it strange that we cant look back and see just what went wrong

i wanna know now where we are,

should i pretend and let things be

and knowing what youve done,

could you come face to face with me

isnt it strange that you told me one thing and suddenly changed your mind

isnt it strange that youd come here for me turn away and leave me behind

now it feels like im drowning,

feels like im drowning without you

i know the feeling, cause ive felt this all before

i hope you dont feel just like me,

i hope you dont feel just like me

i hope you dont feel just like me,

i hope youre happy

isnt it strange that the world seems to turn away when i try to explain

why its so strange that two can be as one yet not the same

and it feels like im drowning,

feels like im drowning without you

i know the feeling, cause ive felt this all before

and it feels like im dying, feels like im dying now

i know the truthi hope you dont feel just like me,

i hope you dont feel just like me

i hope you dont feel just like me,

i hope youre happydont feel just like me,

i hope you dont feel just like me

i hope you dont feel just like me,

i hope youre happy

dont feel just like me,

i hope you dont feel just like me

fuck i hope you feel much worse than me,

maybe not so happynot so happy,

yeah, not so happy,

yeahnot so happy,

welcome to my world

not so happy, yeah,

not so happy,

yeahnot so happy,

welcome to my world

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You know you have great hair when...

People you have never met, IM you with the question; "OMG, I love your hair, where did you get that?"
The answer is BOON!
I saw this hairdo and fell in love, it's booN UPP18 the black pack.

In mah opion you can wear this hair on any occassion, it's kinda messy/classy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shallow and naive

This is a notecard which I got from someone(the noob guy) at a club, in mah eyes the noob guy was just being friendly...;)
I changed the names obviously.
Shallow Girl forgot she was a noob once too!

[13:19] Shallow Girl: lol I am not investing money into helping any nooby, I am not naive
[13:20] Noob Guy: wow... i log into your IMs
[13:20] Shallow girl: lol
[13:20] Noob Guy: and look at my born date... im not that noob... just poor
[13:20] Shallow Girl: well you were born this year though
[13:21] Shallow Girl: but you could get a job then you won't look nooby
[13:23] Noob Guy: i could... and i have tried... prob is not many want one who looks like me apparently... ppl are too shallow to get good convo
[13:23] Noob Guy: fucking bitches... all snobby cuz your cartoon self doest look good
[13:25] Noob Guy: wow... i think ur pretty good lookin just wanted a dance... doesnt mean u have to fuck me
[13:25] Noob Guy: o well
[13:25] Shallow Girl: I just don't dance with guys that look like noobs
[13:26] Shallow Girl: if you read about my antinoob group you'll know why
[13:26] Shallow Girl: it's called Just Say No to Noobs
[13:27] Noob Guy: sounds shallow
[13:27] Shallow Girl: lol well think what you like I don't care
[13:28] Shallow Girl: I"m not on SL to impress you
[13:29] Noob Guy: well now in out talks... i doubt i would really want to dance with someone as shallow as having an opinion towards how a cartoon looks as yourself
[13:29] Noob Guy: maybe tho.. if u asked nicely i would dance with you later once i am hot
[13:29] Shallow Girl: maybe I could care less to dance with you if you even looked good
[13:29] Noob Guy: maybe im just more intellectual than you and not concerned with looks
[13:30] Shallow Girl: lmao
[13:30] Shallow Girl: muted
[13:30] Shallow Girl: maybe you are just annoying and don't know what else to say to me
[13:30] Shallow Girl: cause you are disappointed I won't dance with you well too bad
[13:30] Noob Guy: maybe you should mute me like you said you were going to
[13:47] Noob Guy: u leave me?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Avenue's EXXESS fashion show

OMG what a show!
The outfits were burning HOT, so were the models, Rusch and the stage!
AVENUE Models is back and how!
I managed to shoot some pictures during rehearsal, I wasn't able to do it during the show, I'm so sorry for that (and sorry Moxi)
Poptart Lilliehook in RIVALS

Mimmi Boa in MUMMY

Layja Vidor has made the greatest outfits for this show..;)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Exxess Designs Fasionshow

Rusch (the owner of AVENUE Models) is back and better than ever!

Saturday July 19th at 10SLT, AVENUE Models will be back for the most stunning fashion show you ever seen in SL.
The stage, the models, the music and the outfits by Essexx Designs are truely amazing.

The show will be produced and choreographed by Rusch Raymaker, CEO of AVENUE Inc.
Please IM Autumn Thatch for an invite.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

New stuff from CoLLisions

Guen has been busy making these 3 new tattoo's;

Angelic Misfortune

Bleeding Heart

Immortality of the Soul
All available at the second floor of mah mainstore.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today, at 1pm SLT, Sascha will have a fasion show at
If you like gowns, don't miss the show.

I just got the news that Sascha made a free gown for the show!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sexy Dirty Guy!

Dedicated to Betty Antfarm.

Most women agree with me, Mike Rowe is a sexy piece of meat!
He is the host of Dirty Jobs at the Discovery Channel, and my main reason to log off Second Life!

As Betty stated, he is sexy, handsome, has a great personalilty, cocky, whitty, sexy, sarcastic and dirty!

Did I mention he is hawt and sexy?
And well, he has a sexy and great voice..:D

We almost got into a fight over him!..naaah j/k (hands off, he's mine Betty!)
Sighs.........a girl can have her dreams, right?

If you haven't seen the show yet, because y'all watch the bold and the beautiful, I can recommand it for sure.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Got bewbs???

I had some difficulties TPing, nothing new lately, and I ended up at Help Island.
There I met this woman with a somewhat oversized butt and bewbs, I asked her if I could take some pictures, and she was kind enuff to say "Yes, but be kind!"

Normally I don't feel the urge to touch bewbs, but....LMAO

Friday, May 9, 2008


Finally, it's finished!
I kinda got busy lately, since I was asked to be manager, I will come back to that later (it's kinda topsecret)
Oh well, here's the finished set: necklace and bracelets.

In both gold and silver.

The bracelet comes in a non-bling version and a -very- smooth bling version for the same price.
The necklace costs $L 135 and the bracelet(s) only $L 115, they're available at my Mainstore.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SK Designs

Last Sundaymorning I was at Sanctuary Rock (what else is new) and I met Sergio Krasopani there, we got to talk en he dropped me some stuff, which I didn't open till the next Monday, stupid me!
So I opened it and I was very suprised!

The dragosani outfit comes in 3 tops (jacket layer), glitch pants, gloves, 2 pairs of socks, 1 flexi prim skirt.

The deviant outfit comes in 2 tops (jacket layer) 1 pair of socks, glitch pants and felxi prim skirt.
I totally love these outfits, cuz I feel very neko lately, and these outfits are made for neko.
So I TPed to his shop, and Sergio was there at that moment.
He really has a cute shop (hmmm, so is Sergio) and we got to chat a little.
He told me he started to design as from January 2007 and makes about 2 outfits a week.
The outfits range from L$ 60 (older stuff) to L$ 150 (latest stuff).

And ya know what?? He has mens stuff as well!

Feeling neko lately? You gotta check out this place!
Sergio, muchos gracias!
Skin in both ads; Devian Nation
Boots in top ad: Wrong
Hair in top ad; Truth
Boots 2nd ad: Digital Dragon
Hair 2nd ad: Gurl6 (hair of the month, retired)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

5th place, that makes me so proud (NOT)

I was recently discussing the prices of fuel with a friend in SL (Yeah, we could have tried -cartoon-sex instead, but oh well). Oh and Alec, stop

Ok, this sucks

Most expensive places to buy gas
Rank Country Price/gal
1. Bosnia-Herzegovina $10.86
2. Eritrea $9.58
3. Norway $8.73
4. United Kingdom $8.38
5. Netherlands $8.37
6. Monaco $8.31
7. Iceland $8.28
8. Belgium $8.22
9. France $8.07
10. Germany $7.86

111. United States $3.45

Guess it's time we go back to basics...:P

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DiamondZ are a girl's best friend!

Diamond Hoop Earrings in Silver and Gold.
Each earring has 15 small diamonds.
Available now at the mainstore.
Skin: Abyss
Hair: ETD
Eyes: RaC

Sunday, April 13, 2008

We don't sync as much as we used to!

What happened to /99sync?!?! OMG we lost our sync!
Sundaymornings (2amSLT) at the Sanctuary Rock are great...:)
From left to right; Dou, Ash, moi, Darien.

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's gonna be a hot summer with Shakture Couture!

Are you looking forward to the summer, the sun burning on your skin, the hot summernights on the beach and watching the sun set? I know I am, and I am ready!
Shaka Saintlouis made the perfect little outfits to be the coolest hottie on the beach!

This little Playboy Bikini comes with shorts, perfect for a walk along the shore.

And the slingshot bikini's, I remember this bikini from when Shaka started to design clothes, but the design changed a lot and the textures now are so detailed!

Shakture Slingshot in Raspberry.
And OMGosh, this is my absolute favorite, the Shakture Slingshot Playboy bikini.
I love bunnies!
Shaka, ya did a great job again bro!
The bikini's are available at Shakture Couture.
All pictures are taken in Windlight on my own property.

Friday, March 28, 2008


As you might know, I work on a construction site, no, I'm not a welder or carpenter, (I don't wanna waste my nails) just a secretary and even there there is a level of fashion.
The hottest safety-shoes you can have right now are Red Wings. (male talk!!)
And it might be a bit of a disappointment, I don't walk around on high heels as you may expect from a secretary, but I wear safety-shoes too.
So Alec, a dear friend of me, has been bugging me for over a year now to make boots for men, so I gave in....finally.
I haven't released them yet, I'll do that asap, but here is a teaser..:P

Courage & Rebirth RFL - coLLisions

Guen has made another tattoo, this time it's a RFL item, and I know RFL means a lot for Guen as she lost her mother to cancer 20 years ago.This set was made with a lot of heart, to be sure. This limited edition set features the Kanji symbols for Courage on the wrists as a Glove Layer... and a bright Koi Fish on the back in Undershirt, Shirt, and Jacket Layers. The Koi Fish as a tattoo often represents a great change in someone's life... and dealing with such a harsh disease as Cancer is certainly life changing.
All money will go to the Relay for Life Foundation.
It is available in the mainstore at the second floor.