Monday, December 15, 2008

The woman of Sanctuary Rock

The women of Sanctuary Rock...made me cry!
First, last thursday Mirari was DJing an event when she received a phone call that her father passed away.....Mir, all in tears, dedicated a few songs to her father, told us her father tought her "the show must go on" as he was a DJ as well.

Then Daisy's goodbye to Sanctuary last Friday night, I think this wasn't as easy as she thought it would be.
As Daisy announced her last song as owner of Sanctuary, and she started to cry, now you must know that she owned Sanctuary for 2 years, and it's not a small thing to say goodbye to a club as Sanctuary Rock.
One good thing is that Mirari will own and run this club. Daisy couldnt have found a better owner!
Daisy, all the best in all you decide to do now and Mircat, glad it's you who will be mah boss now, and good luck!