Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sale @ Blaze

Sale @ Blaze!!
When there is a sale, I call Mia for sum retail therapy.
We had to wait a while to get in cuz the sim was full, but we managed, Mia TPed her man Lucien, and I TPed Alec (the frogman).
But you know men, they get bored fast, and then they will do all kindsa things to entertain themselves, so Lucien rezzed a comfy chair to take a nap.
Well, not really, cuz he drove us through the store to make it easy on us to buy our stuff.
On the way we met another man, Jonathan Camu (dragged by his woman friends, Rhianna and Cammee) who was bored too and telling the women "yes dear, that looks so good on you" and "yes dear, you're right".
And while the men were busy bonding and whining, we bought a few gorgeous dresses!!!!
Dun miss out on the sale, the prices vary from 100$L - 200SL, and Blaze....well he is just one hot dress designer (the best in mah opinion).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Avenue MEB fashionshow

These are the outfits I wore during the MEB fashionshow, and there simply stunning.
And since I got a few IMs during that show that I didn't rezz well to some people, here are the pictures;Tayra Coat

Pandi Black
And my favorite of that show, Jane Austin

I need to say that there were 79 people on the sim during that show, things didn't rezz well for people with an sumwhat older computer.
I can't help that either, I always take off my clothes from my inventory, to be sure nothing is been worn for the next sequence, I go into appaerance and rebake like a 100 times.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Damn you skinmakers!

First of all, I'm not a skin reviewer, but I own a lot of -good- skins and when I see something good, I want to have it.
Dutch touch has new skins, called Star, so I bought the DEMO'S and OMG I love all make-ups on that skin.
The thing with skinmakers is that they make better skins all the time!

Now I only have to pick a make-up, and I can't decide yet, they're all lovely, the eyes are so dreamy, and I absolutely LOVE the lips.

Since I can't decide yet, I made pictures of the DEMO's, it might help me..:)
Shown here is Star in Cream by Dutch touch.

From left to right the MU1 - MU15, the MU5 comes in 4!!! versions, it has the smeared lipstick and also the skins come with a freckled version as well.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ok, I don't know either...

Ok, it's one big mystery, I got this URL from Rusch Raymaker, CEO of Avenue Inc. and she won't tell me a thing.

More will be revealed May 9th.

Knowing Rusch, it's going to be a big thing, don't miss it!!