Friday, May 9, 2008


Finally, it's finished!
I kinda got busy lately, since I was asked to be manager, I will come back to that later (it's kinda topsecret)
Oh well, here's the finished set: necklace and bracelets.

In both gold and silver.

The bracelet comes in a non-bling version and a -very- smooth bling version for the same price.
The necklace costs $L 135 and the bracelet(s) only $L 115, they're available at my Mainstore.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SK Designs

Last Sundaymorning I was at Sanctuary Rock (what else is new) and I met Sergio Krasopani there, we got to talk en he dropped me some stuff, which I didn't open till the next Monday, stupid me!
So I opened it and I was very suprised!

The dragosani outfit comes in 3 tops (jacket layer), glitch pants, gloves, 2 pairs of socks, 1 flexi prim skirt.

The deviant outfit comes in 2 tops (jacket layer) 1 pair of socks, glitch pants and felxi prim skirt.
I totally love these outfits, cuz I feel very neko lately, and these outfits are made for neko.
So I TPed to his shop, and Sergio was there at that moment.
He really has a cute shop (hmmm, so is Sergio) and we got to chat a little.
He told me he started to design as from January 2007 and makes about 2 outfits a week.
The outfits range from L$ 60 (older stuff) to L$ 150 (latest stuff).

And ya know what?? He has mens stuff as well!

Feeling neko lately? You gotta check out this place!
Sergio, muchos gracias!
Skin in both ads; Devian Nation
Boots in top ad: Wrong
Hair in top ad; Truth
Boots 2nd ad: Digital Dragon
Hair 2nd ad: Gurl6 (hair of the month, retired)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

5th place, that makes me so proud (NOT)

I was recently discussing the prices of fuel with a friend in SL (Yeah, we could have tried -cartoon-sex instead, but oh well). Oh and Alec, stop

Ok, this sucks

Most expensive places to buy gas
Rank Country Price/gal
1. Bosnia-Herzegovina $10.86
2. Eritrea $9.58
3. Norway $8.73
4. United Kingdom $8.38
5. Netherlands $8.37
6. Monaco $8.31
7. Iceland $8.28
8. Belgium $8.22
9. France $8.07
10. Germany $7.86

111. United States $3.45

Guess it's time we go back to basics...:P