Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sometimes you wish you could....

Take a RL snaphot.....
I was in a supermarket this morning, and I saw this girl with a 36 size butt, squeezed in a 31 size jeans.

Her legs were pressed together by the jeans and were screaming; HELP, HELP US, and her butt was gasping for air, as she was having big problems walking on her heels.

One thing about SL; your pants always fit, no matter how big your ass is!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dogtag Necklaces

Hi, it's been a while..:)
This will be my first post about stuff I made, and I love 'm!
Leather Dogtag Necklaces with your birthsign, availabe for both men and women.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Cats and facts

I really love cats, I am owned by 2 Maine Coons, Shey (Shenandoah) and Tijn (Valentine), and they are the most gorgeous, sweetest, loving and gentle cats on earth!
This is Tijn when he was 7 weeks, and OMG it's a 9kg giant furball now, and still growing.

Some coon facts:
The Maine Coon belongs to the eldest natural cat breed of North-America. Presumably they discovered the first Maine Coons in the North-East of America in New England the state of Maine.A real working cat, muscled and average to large in size. In the rough climate of North-America the Maine Coon succeeded in adapting and surviving.
They develope very slowly: not until about 4 years old they have grown up.They become somewhat bigger than regular cats, and weigh approximately between 4 and 9 kilos.

They have a natural charisma. Even when Maine Coons are of old age they remain playful and like to act the clown. Pussycats move about in live with a bit more dignity in life than tomcats.Quite often they stroll behind you, mewing a bit as if they want to ask "what are you going to do now?".
Maine Coons are very curious by nature and like to be kept informed about everything that's happening in- en outside your house.