Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Meet Shen

Let me properly introduce myself;

I was born on November 28th, 2006, just another funny game.......so I thought.

If I had known that this game became so much a part of my life, I would have picked another, easier name! It's the name of one of my cats (I will get back to that later)

Like all newbies, I started camping, lucky-chair hopping and winning contest at clubs, that's where I met Zib,my bestestest friend and my business partner in crime nowadays.
I don't have pictures of my noob time (thank God! They're on my old computer, and I still have to burn ALL my pictures on a CD-rom)

But I got bored pretty fast, needed a challenge, and I started to build a box...;) WOWZERS!!
And on February 14th 2007, I sold my first pair of shoehoes.
That was pretty much the beginning of Z&S (Zib & Shen)
I simply love to create; shoes, boots and jewelry, sometimes it takes me a month to finish something.
This picture was taken (by Justine Babii) on my Jewelry Master Class graduation party.
I love SL, I'm addicted to SL, it has become so much a part of my daily RL routine.
Get back atcha soon..XoXoX

Monday, August 27, 2007

Small update

Ok, so I feel like a complete eedjit for not knowing how to blog (pictures and stuff), but I'm bored stiff at work, and hey, I need to give it a shot.

Maybe I like it, maybe not, we'll see....

See you eeer.....soon?