Friday, February 13, 2009

Things you always wanted to know about...

Kaedy Ferraris

I met Kaedy through her (RL and SL) husband Rykk, one awesome DJ, they own Freakheim Funeral Home, it's a themed rock-club with events going on every weekend, such as live performances and dress-up events with live DJ's. Kaedy does a great job with her talent decorating the club for the theme (ya should have seen the halloween theme, she did a fantastic job!)

Kaedy Ferraris

SL 5-1-07 RL 10-31-03 (thats 1703) Dayum I look good for my age :D

Well.. my keyboard has two of them. One on the left and one on the right.

Occupation(s) in SL;
Home decor and holiday shop owner

Club co-owner
Resident comic relief and general pain in the ass.

Favorite designer (s);
Clothes; Exxess (Layja Vidor) , First Flower (Severina Dollenger) and of course Shen!
Skin; Sheltered Heart @ Tuli & Ima Cheetah @ The Sweetest Sin
Hair; Exxess (Layja Vidor) and Cake (Stumbelina Ophelia)
Items in yr inventory;
46,000+ and growing daily

and why?
I build alot and Im a texture whore not to mention a clothes horse. Plus I have a huge fear of throwing things away. You never know when you might need that thingamajigger with the 12 sides and big hole in the middle.

What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Yus I admit it. Im a Harry Potter addict.

When is your birthday?
shhh its a secret.

Anything you would like to add?
Hmm lets see... nothing really to add but I have some things I'd like to take away, like the extra pounds I added at the holidays, some of my credit card debt, also from the holidays, and some of the fine lines around my eyes. OH wait! I can think of something I would like to add! Some years to my life and about 6 more hours to each day so I can sleep more. I love my bed! And how about some more cuddle time with my hubby WooT!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Things you always wanted to know about...


I know, this sorta thing has been done before by the mean girls, but I loved it, so I thought, yah, why not start one mahself.
So Kryptonia has the honour to be the first, she is the one who kicks mah ass during fashion shows for Avenue, but she always kisses and makes up to me after the show, and if ya need a good laugh, just try to have a -not so- serious convo with her....)

Kryptonia Paperdoll

After i checked it several times, i am 100% FEMALE :-)

March 17, 2006

not that i know

Occupation(s) in SL:
Content Creator,

Favorite designer (s):

Clothes: Clothes Horse
Skin: Symphony Skins, Splashing Doll (self ads LOL)
Hair: ETD

Items in yr inventory:
A lot damn should i list all?
WTH heehhebut mostly i keep FRIENDS PIC, those pic i shared with during silly and funny times.
*note, I know it's over 20000 - Shen

and why?
as memory and cheer me up when i need to laugh ROFL

What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
errrr i got DVD :)

When is your birthday?
March 17 look above? heehehe

Anything you would like to add?
hmmm read my blog, my profile all there :)

Leave Kryptonia a greet if ya like, she is really a doll!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SALE, free gift and new item

Ok, well first of all, SALE! All the footwear is on sale, the prices vary from 5 to 50L a pair, worth to check it out! Just check the first and the second floor.

Second, I have managed to create a necklace for Valentines, it's a free gift till Feb. 14th and available in mah mainstore only.
When you enter the store, it's on the counter at your right, the red heart, I really hope ya like this gift!
Then, I made ears and tails way back in the summer, I just never released them till now, don't ask me why, I'm lazy?

The tails are -custom- scripted by a friend of me, who left SL a while ago.
They're kinda rude, with rude sounds...BUT,the box contains an unscripted tail as well!
And if you just like the unscripted tail, send me a note-card or an IM.

The tails are long (shown on a 6.1" avatar) and I really like the flexi part of it, they're being sold in different colours.
The male and female version are scripted differently.

All items are for sale at my mainstore.