Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shallow and naive

This is a notecard which I got from someone(the noob guy) at a club, in mah eyes the noob guy was just being friendly...;)
I changed the names obviously.
Shallow Girl forgot she was a noob once too!

[13:19] Shallow Girl: lol I am not investing money into helping any nooby, I am not naive
[13:20] Noob Guy: wow... i log into your IMs
[13:20] Shallow girl: lol
[13:20] Noob Guy: and look at my born date... im not that noob... just poor
[13:20] Shallow Girl: well you were born this year though
[13:21] Shallow Girl: but you could get a job then you won't look nooby
[13:23] Noob Guy: i could... and i have tried... prob is not many want one who looks like me apparently... ppl are too shallow to get good convo
[13:23] Noob Guy: fucking bitches... all snobby cuz your cartoon self doest look good
[13:25] Noob Guy: wow... i think ur pretty good lookin just wanted a dance... doesnt mean u have to fuck me
[13:25] Noob Guy: o well
[13:25] Shallow Girl: I just don't dance with guys that look like noobs
[13:26] Shallow Girl: if you read about my antinoob group you'll know why
[13:26] Shallow Girl: it's called Just Say No to Noobs
[13:27] Noob Guy: sounds shallow
[13:27] Shallow Girl: lol well think what you like I don't care
[13:28] Shallow Girl: I"m not on SL to impress you
[13:29] Noob Guy: well now in out talks... i doubt i would really want to dance with someone as shallow as having an opinion towards how a cartoon looks as yourself
[13:29] Noob Guy: maybe tho.. if u asked nicely i would dance with you later once i am hot
[13:29] Shallow Girl: maybe I could care less to dance with you if you even looked good
[13:29] Noob Guy: maybe im just more intellectual than you and not concerned with looks
[13:30] Shallow Girl: lmao
[13:30] Shallow Girl: muted
[13:30] Shallow Girl: maybe you are just annoying and don't know what else to say to me
[13:30] Shallow Girl: cause you are disappointed I won't dance with you well too bad
[13:30] Noob Guy: maybe you should mute me like you said you were going to
[13:47] Noob Guy: u leave me?