Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Piercings for the Men

Piercings for the men! These are somewhat bigger than the female versions.
Eyebrow, lip and nose are 55L$ and the total face is 135L$.
Available at the Mainstore.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Piercings, the nose, lip and eyebrow are 55$L and the total face only 135$L.
Available at the Mainstore now.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Things you always wanted to know about....

Shaka Saintlouis

Yesterday I was checking my calling cards, and I realized that some of those people are no longer on my friends list, not just because I don't like 'm no more (ok, some), but you just go other ways...;)
But one of my oldest friends is SHAKA!!....YaY!!
Besides Shaka, I don't have "family" here, he is my bro because he has the same last name as me and he acts like my brother in RL, sometimes we dont talk for weeks, but we know we're there for eachother.
I IMed him, and asked him if he wanted to do an interview for my blog, and he said "I would be honoured Sis".
So coming soon (I hope this weekend) the "ins and outs" of Shaka Saintlouis.

Monday, January 14, 2008

View from the air

A friend of me likes to fly a small airplane, so last spring I asked him to make some pictures of my hometown.
As you can see, there is a lot of industry there like oil-storage tanks, refineries, chemical factories etc etc.
At the right (top) you see the "Maeslantkering", 2 HUGE doors that will keep the port of Rotterdam save from the water of the Northsea.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Second Love - A real Romance

2 hearts meet each other:

I met Douleur Paine and Ash Greggan at Sanctuary Rock a few months ago.
Dou is from Sweden and Ash is from the Netherlands, they’re big fun to hang out with, we do that a lot at the Rock.
I wanted to interview them about their RL romantic meeting and I was honored when they said yes, and OMG it was like talking to one person!
So I invited them to my place.

(LMAO, he got stuck in the floor here, sowwy but I couldn't resist publishing this picture, so sue me!!)
He got out after we demolished half my house, and finally we got to sit down for a drink.

Shen: where did you guys first meet and how long ago was that??
Dou: SR
Ash: we met at SR
Ash: late August

Dou: no babes
Dou: before that I spotted you
Dou: that was mebbe like may/june

Dou: prolly june
Ash: sounds right
Dou: then beginning sept I think we started talking for real
Dou: I asked him to dance, slow dance V6 *grins*
Ash: we danced on the v6 for a while and then I invited Dou to another club
Ash: the .. hole sumfin
Dou: yeah The Fucking Hole
Ash: we started talking like we knew each other
Dou: yeah convo never went quiet
Ash: xactly

Ash: we talked so easily
Ash: it felt awesome
Ash: after that 1st night at the Fucking Hole we already felt really close

Dou: yeah same taste in music, movies
Ash: Dou made some remark bout being annoyed with phoneys on SL, yanno peeps pretending sumfin they are not

Ash: I told her straight away everything and that I was no phoney
Ash: what I’m in RL I’m here too

Ash: so we been honest with each other from day 1
Ash: so we started getting serious
Dou: but we had little a break up middle of oct.
Ash: yeah, due to private stuff going on in my RL
Ash: so I kept mah distance but did log on on her B-day to wish her a happy one

Ash: the weeks after that we sorta started talking on msn again
Ash: mostly with me at work
Ash: I couldn’t stay away from Dou

Ash: the harder I tried the tougher it became
Dou: well I kinda figgerd that I just couldnt stop talking with him when we had so much in common and so many freaks that we had experienced
Ash: at 1 point Dou told me that we were almost talking the same way we had been before the breakup
Ash: but nov 12th was the day we got back together..:))
Dou: :))

Shen: was this first love for the both of you?
Ash: for me yeah
Dou: first LOVE yus

Shen: So lets skip to the romantic part, tell me about the first meeting at the airport?

Ash: omg
Dou: grins
Ash: I was still at Amsterdam Airport

Ash: texting eachother
Ash: then Dou sent me an awesome one saying: OMG babes, gonna see you soon
Dou: sent him a text earlier that day saying "OMG we soon gonna meet" or sumting like that
Ash: that was just before I got on the plane

Dou: exited yus,. nervous... not as much as I thought I would be
Ash: so at Copenhagen I got into the arrival hall and Dou had already warned me so many ppl being there
Dou: when I came to the airport in Copenhagen there were SOOOO many ppl waiting to meet
Dou: but finally I spotted this tall, smexy guy walking out

Ash: so once I finally got into the arrival hall soooo many ppl were there
Dou: knew that he wouldnt be able to spot me with all those peeps there
Ash: I didnt mess up and did spot ya
Ash: glimps in my right eye
Dou: well I kinda moved towards ya ;P

Ash: the white hair with black bangs
Ash: I had such a grin on mah face

Dou: hehehe
Ash: and I did what I said I was gonna do before
Dou: yus ;)
Ash: dropped the suitcase and gave her some tongue action with everyone watching
Ash: not caring at all

Dou: rofl
Ash: then we went outside for a smoko LOL

Dou: ofc

* Back off now, those 10 days were magic and it's private yanno!...:)))*

Shen: how did you feel when you had to say bye to each other at the airport again?

Ash: terrible
Dou: fuck, that was so hard at the airport
Ash: had a knot in mah stomach the size of texas
Ash: I had to go up some escalators
Ash: to get to security
Ash: I kissed her several times before getting on
Ash: but once I finally did and got upstairs I ran so I could see her walking away
Dou: and I couldnt turn around
Ash: being too tough
Dou: nods
Ash: once I was in line for the security check I could see outside to where the cars were leaving the parking lot
Ash: so I waited to get a last glimpse of mah babes driving off

Ash: which I did
Ash: it broke my heart
Dou: yeah those days went by soooo damn fast
Ash: 10 days of nuffin but awesomeness
Dou: xacty
Ash: I’ve never felt this good bout life

Dou: usually I get annoyed after a while having someone at my apt
Dou: but with mah babes it never EVER felt bad

Shen: and what about the future
Ash: the most important is seeing each other much more
Dou: if not before, we gonna hook up at Easter
Ash: 21st of march is good Friday and that weekend we will see each other again!

This is a such a lovely couple, they kept me smiling all the time.

I had to leave out some lines because they’re constantly telling me the same thing.
These two do rock.

And love in SL DOES exist...:))

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Just "hanging" out

Just hanging out, I have no idea where this
But we ended up as a pyramid somehow!
From the top; Dou, me, Pat, Ash, Eaze and Oz (Isn't he a hottie with his new skin??) Sorry for scratching your backs guys!
Oh, we blamed the squirrel (the one in the background)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Diane matching Bangles

This is the last item in the "Diane" line.
Bangles, left and right, and for only L$ 70, available at the new mainstore now.